If you’re an SME that operates within the Construction sector, then it’s probable that you don’t have a huge marketing budget like the global PLC organisations.  However, as a business you still need to effectively promote your business in order to boost a positive brand awareness, increase website visitors and to maintain a healthy sales funnel.  None of the following suggestions below are new, they are online marketing tactics but when implemented correctly can prove highly cost effective and deliver the desired results ……

1. Make Social Media a useful, interactive platform

Much of what happens socially can also work in a business context. People show pleasurable activities, keep in contact with friends and family, reconnect with those who have moved away from their social circle. Business-wise, these translate to promoting successful work projects, keeping current customers up-to-speed on innovations, possibilities, and news, while reminding past customers of what might still be of use to them. Social media is also a terrific channel for offering advice, promoting job opportunities, answering problems and even overcoming negative comments.

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2. Develop regular blogs

Writing regular, informative blogs is an excellent way of positioning your company as an authority and expert in its field.  Compose blogs that are relevant to the construction industry, that add value and offer specific issues of interest to the reader.  When adding each blog to your website, gradually your awareness and positive image increases, and you’re positioned as the ‘go to’ business for your specific products and services within the industry.  Also, creating regular, fresh content is loved by Google and so your website’s SEO performance will also improve.

3. Consider creating a business YouTube channel

Why not consider creating a series of videos that can provide detailed demonstrations of a civil engineering project through its key stages; or a specific action successfully completed on a construction site. Other videos can show how the company is a solution-provider for a series of problems or on-site situations which often arise. Testimonial quotes or interviews from satisfied customers, in similar or at least comparable situations to those viewing it, are much more powerful when presented in a live-action format.  Again, utilising YouTube as a key media channel is beneficial to your SEO performance.

4. Craft a regular newsletter

This can be sent via email to specific subscribers through email; customers and prospects (or even paper-based if that’s their preference) and can also be available through the company’s own website. Various company topics within your newsletter can be covered; important events, new customer projects, charity initiatives your company is involved in, employee developments, new product developments.  Other useful areas that can be discussed can include: industry problems and worries, advising of upcoming legislation, offering specific tips and the like. In this way, recipients appreciate the value gained from spending time reading it. There should also be a hook (call to action) to encourage them to contact the company, visit the website, or a particular page on your site, e.g. your blog.

5. Make use of specific landing pages within the company website

Too often, after an online search, carried out for a specific purpose, a potential customer clicks through to a company website and is greeted by no more than a generic homepage. Frustration ensues as they try to locate exactly where they want to be – often a click back to the search follows, and a potential customer lost. Appreciating the key reasons why contact might be made, and then creating a specific landing page for that subject, quickly engages those website visitors. These should then ask for involving action, from clicking through to a specific service, project needs, or location information, or provide a swift and simple way to contact that business.

Through these and other marketing tactics, your civil engineering or construction company can enhance brand awareness, encourage website traffic, gain sales enquiries and enhance that all important competitive advantage.


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