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From Science Fiction, to Construction Industry reality

There’s a well documented housing crisis in the UK, and demand for all other forms of construction is high. However, there’s also pressure for this sector to manage costs more carefully, adhere to environmental standards and create higher quality, safer buildings as...

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Building regulations and why they matter

Building regulations exist to make sure that all buildings constructed in the UK are designed and built to an acceptable standard and are safe to live or work in. The building regulations are a way of transposing all of the legislation, standards, and health and...

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The role of the Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor has a crucial role in the building and construction industry for many different reasons. Responsible for important aspects of building projects, the role of a quantity surveyor can be to either help the client or the contractor themselves in order...

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Focus on the Importance of First Aid and Safety

First aid knowledge is invaluable at home and in most workplaces, but when it comes to construction sites, it’s quite simply essential. In the event of an accident, or someone falling unwell, first aid training enables individuals to help those affected until...

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