If you and your family need a bit more space at home, it can be tempting to think that moving is the only option. While this may be one solution for getting the space you and your family need, there are also other solutions out there in the form of home extensions. It’s incredible what even the tiniest amount of extra room can do to improve the space of a small home. From side-return extensions to loft conversions, there are a wide variety of ways to improve the layout of a small property. Keep reading on to find out more about the best extension ideas for small homes.

1. Rear extension

Lots of people find that a single-storey rear extension is one of the easiest extension projects. There are times that this can be carried out under permitted development with easily achieved planning permission. Think about whether your home could benefit from a rear extension in order to give the overall layout a bit more space. Just be careful to not eat too much into the garden, as this could potentially reduce a property’s value.

2. Side extension

While it may feel like extending to the side isn’t worth it, it’s amazing how much space even one metre can add to your cramped kitchen. Even better, pair the extension with a framed glass structure that gives your kitchen a garden room vibe, and makes the area appear bigger as the outdoors is on show.

3. Build upwards

If you live in a small home, you may not be able to extend to the side or the rear over the fear of losing property value. Why not build upwards? If you’re fortunate enough to have an attic, why not convert this unused space into an extra bedroom? You could even add in a small bathroom to make family life much easier than trying to share one. Loft extensions are incredibly popular for a reason – they can instantly turn a two-bed property into a three-bed.

4. Convert your garage

If your garage is a part of your property that’s neglected, why not convert it to an extra bedroom and en-suite? Even better, planning permission is not usually required when it comes to converting garages as the work is internal and doesn’t involve extending the property. What was once a dreary wasteland for extra bits of storage could turn into a modernised bedroom with a gorgeous en-suite. The choice is yours!

Extend your small home today

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