Effect of Brexit on the construction industryThe UK’s construction industry suffered its worst month in over ten years in June 2019. Many firms are pointing their fingers at the current Brexit crisis which is damaging industries all over the country. The ever-present threat of a no-deal Brexit has dampened demand for construction and civil engineering firms. With all this in mind, what can the construction industry do in order to survive and prosper in such a tumultuous time?



Sustainability and Environmental Trends

Currently, the construction industry is the largest consumer of raw materials and resources worldwide. Construction and civil engineering consume a whopping fifty per-cent of global steel production to be used as building materials. With this in mind, it is vital for more research to be done into sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. With a shift to a more environmentally conscious industry, it will most likely generate many positive benefits, from a greater government inclination to build and greater interest from private buyers. Now society is much more environmentally conscious, a more sustainable industry would become a much more attractive industry.

Automated Construction Equipment and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and automated equipment have made headlines in recent years, some positive, others warning against what the dangers of an automated workforce could harbour. It is important to understand automated workforces could replace human workforces in future years in multiple industries. However, it is something that the construction industry could look into in order to reduce costs. Machinery has already acquired a central role in construction. By automating some of this machinery already in use, jobs could be completed quicker and performed more cost-effectively, freeing up contractors to perform other tasks while machines perform the menial slow work. 3D printing, although not yet developed for construction, is also something that is forecast to disrupt the construction industry and provide a unique niche to any contractors or firms that can harness the technology.

Smart Hiring and Enhanced Retention

It is believed that the construction and civil engineering industry will face many recruiting and talent obstacles in future years. Due to a prospective scarcity of skilled labour, it is possible that the construction industry may be understaffed. This makes talent retention and smart hiring a vital course of action for the future construction industry. With automated machinery possibly taking up much of the unskilled workforce it is extremely important that there is a large contingent of skilled and seasoned contractors.

While it is going to be a tough few years for the construction and civil engineering industry there are many possible avenues to explore regarding the importance and relevance of construction in the twenty-first century. The future is certainly looking bright.

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