Brexit has proven to be one of the most difficult and divisive topics the UK has ever encountered. Wherever you stand in the debate, we can all agree the uncertainty surrounding, and sheer length of, the process has not helped anyone.

Effect of Brexit on the construction industryIt falls on businesses then, to brace for the upcoming changes – but how are they doing it? As a construction and civil engineering specialist, Lydon Contracting understands how essential our service is to our clients. As such, here is an insight into how civil engineering firms such as ours can remain afloat and successful, even during turbulent times.

Keep calm and carry on

It’s a long-running British stereotype to adopt the “keep calm and carry on” attitude, but there’s a serious benefit to adopting this approach when it comes to Brexit. With predictions changing seemingly by the day, it’s impossible to make an informed decision, as nobody seems to know much more than anyone else about what will happen. So, what can we do? Simple – we focus on making sure we continue providing the same excellent level of customer service to our clients, regardless of the scale of their project. Civil engineering and construction projects will not stop simply because Britain has left the EU, and a reliable contractor such as ourselves will always add value.

Quiet plans and preparation

Another key to remaining successful through the Brexit uncertainty is to keep an eye on the details, and to make the necessary preparations well ahead of time. For example, going through the supply chain and identifying where we’re likely to incur more costs, and accounting for that in advance. Or, with employees, ensuring employed EEA nationals are aware that they and their family need to apply for settled or pre-settled status before December 31, 2020. Taking care of these things in advance means we’re less likely to be caught off guard by changing circumstances. You can never know what’s coming in the future, but pragmatic preparation always stands you in good stead to survive them.

What does this mean for you?

There is much speculation about the worry businesses have regarding Brexit, and whether those worries are well-founded or not, it’s important to ensure customers are reassured that business will carry on as normal. At Lydon Contracting, we have established our reputation thanks to our experience in the civil engineering and construction fields, as well as the superior quality of our work, and our overall efficiency. None of this changes within a Brexit Britain.

We are taking the steps required to ensure that our business continues to offer the same exceptional service, no matter what the future holds. So, if you have a project you would like to discuss, be sure to contact Lydon Contracting today.


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