Unless you have been in hiding, you will be only too aware that the uncertainty of Brexit looms on the near horizon. The national landscape isn’t the only thing that is shifting. The construction sector is on the move too, with a whole assortment of digital technology solutions becoming increasingly embedded into housebuilding practice in 2019.

Now more than ever before, stakeholders need to keep their finger on the pulse and make sure they understand the impact of new ideas and technologies if they are to stay competitive and ahead of the game. So, here are three digital topics to get you thinking right now………



1. Building Information Models

A Building Information Model (BIM) is a collaborative digital system for managing construction project information. That’s a complicated way of saying that BIM technology enables team members to work in a participatory and standardised way, combining people, communication and process to create improved project results. Some of the biggest building firms in the world are already using BIM to coordinate the efforts of civil, design, architecture, mechanical and electrical staff. They use it to share strategic and time goals and track progress which ultimately elevates build standards and creates added value for clients. BIM works to improve results for small and medium-sized projects too. If you haven’t explored BIM yet, maybe it’s time to get on board?

2. Other construction software solutions

Most construction projects involve team working which requires the input and storing of a whole range of information. As well as considering BIM, managers and leaders are well advised to check out other construction software solutions to collect and analyse data. Being able to easily access and read facts and figures enables teams to work more effectively together to plan around weather, legal regulations, and other restrictions and to act smarter on build projects. What’s more, as long as workers have a computer, laptop or another digital device, plus access to the internet, they can stay on top of a project at any time of night or day, and from wherever they are.

3. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to interconnected computing devices which are able to send and receive data while embedded in day-to-day objects. That can mean drones and other remotely operated items of kit, automated construction equipment, or the auditing and tracking of tools being used for specific tasks. When they have access to real-time data, project managers can gain control and increase accuracy even when projects are complex.

Investing in your digital future

Digital technologies change and develop every day. It’s not always easy to keep up-to-date. Industry leaders can ensure they stay ahead of the game by investing in tech-savvy talent with high specialism in the use of digital innovation for construction. The pay off might be more important than you can even imagine.


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