Civil engineering is one of the most important and essential industries in the UK. Unlike some other professions, civil engineering is always focused on innovation and improvement, working to create better and more efficient solutions. The work that civil engineers do helps to connect the world that we live in as well as improve people’s lives. To learn more about the new trends expected to emerge for the rest of this year, continue reading.

Improvements in Technology

Technology in civil engineering is always advancing, so much so that we are now seeing new and smarter building techniques. Companies have introduced drones into the construction process, allowing them to scan sites for weaknesses and obtain high-quality images. These images can be put into photogrammetry systems and then into BIM models. 3D printing is also taking off in the industry. The technology allows engineers to customise their designs to meet specific criteria, and also create custom structures.


New smart materials are also being used by civil engineers. One of these is graphene, a material with a honeycomb structure that allows it to conduct heat and energy.


It is expected that Building Information Modelling (BIM) will become increasingly popular. This technology allows engineers to make virtual models of their designs, which makes building and maintenance easier. For civil engineers, it can allow for a faster and more efficient design process, giving every party to chance to view what their design will look like in the real world.

Push for Sustainability

Sustainable designs are being put forward by many companies as well as the government. Projects around the world are using new technology such as smart electrical grids, embedded sensors and durable smart materials. Civil engineering has a focus on planning for the future, and this is why sustainability is so important for the industry. A current trend is building zero-energy houses, by using double-skin facade for insulation and combining them with integrated PV panels. The industry has also seen an increase in making durable roads from recycled plastic and creating multipurpose areas.

Introducing Mega-Projects

There is a vast range of mega-projects currently under development in the UK. Amongst these included the Thames Tideway Tunnel which aims to reduce the overflow of sewage from London’s drains. This is an eight-year infrastructure scheme, which could greatly improve the lives of those living in London. Projects such as HS2 and the TransPennine road tunnel are also still being developed and are looking for highly skilled engineers to help with the projects.


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