It’s no surprise that the construction sector is one of the most dangerous sectors for employees, and frequently holds the top spot for being the industry with the highest number of accidents and injuries. In fact, 30 deaths occurred in this sector in 2017 from bad working practices, and although this is an extreme example, it does highlight the necessity of health and safety in the workplace.

One easy way for businesses and employees to reduce their likelihood of accidents and injuries is through safety equipment. Our experts at Lydon Contracting have an excellent safety record and have a few tips regarding safety equipment that your employees should always follow.






1. Equipment isn’t just machines

When equipment is mentioned, people often tend to think of large machines; instead, it is important to remember that everything used on site is equipment, and thus safety equipment also refers to personal workwear too. It is vital that employees have the correct clothing on site, from hard hats to safety boots, and equipment will often vary depending upon the type of work being done. Employee safety is always a priority, so ensure that staff have respiratory masks, goggles, and high grip gloves for when they need them.

2. Pay extra care to electrics

Much of the mechanical equipment used on site will be electrical, and as such, it is vital to ensure that all of these have the correct and necessary safety mechanisms. Any portable equipment should always use a power supply that has an earth leakage circuit breaker, and these should be kept away from contact with water. If in doubt, don’t use the item, and get it checked by an expert.

3. Safety equipment also means tending to injuries as well as preventing them

Although most safety equipment in the construction sector is aimed at preventing injuries from occurring, it is vital that you have the correct equipment onsite just in case there is an accident. First aid kits are a good start, but large building sites should also contain additional equipment such as an eye-wash station and a large range of bandages.

4. Personal safety devices are becoming increasingly popular

One of the main pieces of safety equipment which are becoming increasingly popular is the personal safety device. These are small electrical devices which provide instant and real-time communication with pre-programmed people, such as site managers, first aiders, and emergency services. They can also emit a repeated loud noise in case the employee becomes trapped or unable to communicate vocally. While not necessarily needed for small jobs, large construction companies are increasingly seeing the benefit of these on larger projects.

At Lydon Contracting, we place employee safety as one of our top priorities, and will always be able to recommend the necessary safety equipment, whatever the project. For more information, please contact us at


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