Civil engineering is a varied discipline, and one essential component of it is the development and installation of utilities networks. It can be a vital first step in any new build, or be a required part of a renovation or refurbishment program. As construction experts, we at Lydon Contracting have developed the three key skills necessary to make installing utilities successful every time.

1. Planning

As with any construction project, a successful utility installation or refurbishment program demands extensive planning before so much as a grain of earth is disturbed. It’s essential to ensure the project is thoroughly planned from start to finish, to ensure any potential issues are rectified before the groundwork begins. This means making sure pipes and cables are properly mapped, that any necessary permissions are obtained, and any potential issues are identified and resolved. Key planning skills ensure the project runs on schedule and to budget as far as possible, so the ability to visualise a project before it’s a reality is highly important.


2. Communication

Installing or refurbishing utility networks is not something that can be done completely “in house”. It requires collaboration and input from a range of other sources. Whether it’s local planning authorities to ensure that any permissions are properly attained, legal offices to ensure there are no potential issues with the plans, or utility suppliers to establish the supply of power, gas, or water. An ability to communicate clearly, listen to feedback, and incorporate input from others into the ongoing development of the plans is what makes communication such an essential skill. Being able to communicate effectively is what keeps the project running smoothly.

3. Attention to detail

Developing and laying utilities infrastructure involves many moving parts, which means attention to detail is necessary in order to prevent the project from getting out of control. Whether it be keeping a close eye on the projected timetable or ensuring that costs do not begin to spiral, attention to detail is what’s required. This applies whether it’s a fresh utility install for a new development or project, or it’s a case of modernising and upgrading an existing installation for new purposes. Attention to detail is what will allow minor issues to be identified ahead of time and rectified before they can risk stalling the project or destroying the budget.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re developing a project that will need utilities mapped out, or you have a renovation/refurbishment project that involves upgrading existing utilities, it’s essential you choose a contractor that can display these three key skills.

At Lydon Contracting we’ve developed and honed these skills, among many others, to ensure we can offer our clients complete peace of mind when it comes to handling all matters related to their utilities infrastructure.