Although the construction industry has been pretty sluggish over the past couple of years, it’s still one of the most lucrative business sectors.  Just like any other industry, investors in this market space want to cut operational costs, reduce workloads and meet deadlines without compromising on quality.  So, there’s always new developments taking place within the sector.

If you’re running a construction company and want to stay on top of the game and ahead of your competitors, here are the top three trends to look out for in 2019:

1. New Technologies

The construction industry has always been notoriously slow in embracing new technology. But with recent innovations such as augmented reality, construction management software, 3D printing and drone technology, businesses operating in this sector don’t have much of a choice – they have to look to embrace such technological developments or risk remaining on the side lines.

Augmented reality, for example, helps construction companies visualise their designs more realistically. While this innovation may still be in the embryonic stage, it is set to revolutionise the industry as it helps to onboard clients, who usually have no plan reading experience, into the design process.

Construction software, on the other hand, fills the gap between an office and a construction site. These solutions allow managers to plan a day’s work and also check whether it was actually finished, with a little help from drones, of course.

Drones also make civil engineering work seem effortless. A task that could have typically taken a month or more to complete can now be finalised in just a matter of days or hours.

2. Prefabrication and modularisation are a “thing” now

With people shying away from construction jobs, not to mention the rising costs of materials, it isn’t hard to see why prefabs are slowly becoming the go-to option for most builders.

Companies are now using 3D technologies and hot metal adhesives to build parts for houses, on and off site.  That reduces construction time and also saves the business lots of money in the process. Here at Lydon Contracting, we expect this trend to grow exponentially in 2019 and beyond.

3. Improved Safety Equipment

Working on a construction site may not be the safest job in the world and that’s part of the reason why people may avoid it.  However, in a recent trend, it has been highlighted that companies are investing heavily in safety equipment in a bid to keep their teams feeling safe.

Smart work boots, for example, can connect to Wi-Fi, sharing the wearer’s exact location and reporting if the user has fallen or if they are tired.  Not only that but there’s also notable progress in the moisture-wicking fabrics and cooling vests sector. This, coupled with smart glasses, makes construction working safer and a much more attractive working environment.


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