Whether you’re living in a small town or a large city, you might be interested in renovating or extending your office or home. With construction projects being so in-demand today, there are many contractors out there to choose from. We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but not all of them are reliable.

Read on for our top 3 reasons why you need to take some time to research your contractor before choosing them.

1. They’ll respect your budget

The best-case scenario is when your contractors can offer a high-quality project for the lowest cost. However, if you begin prioritising cost above everything else, you could be putting your project at risk. We suggest that you find a construction team that works within or around your budget without compromising overall value. In other words, when you’ve got a list of prices from contractors, you should know why one bid is lower than the rest: is the company missing a step? Are they cutting any corners to complete the project? While it’s very tempting to choose the cheapest contractor, this could cause major issues down the road.

2. They’ll work with reliable subcontractors

Subcontractors are a vital element in any construction project. So, you want to be confident that you’re choosing a contractor who assembles and designates the best team for your project. How do you ensure this? You should work with a contractor that has experience working with local subcontractors. They should have working relationships with a range of subcontractors that they use frequently and trust. Finally, your construction team should also have an action plan in place when they’re bringing another company in on your project.

3. They’ll minimise the risk of accidents

If your contractor is not working safely, chances are an accident will take place and your project could be left incomplete and unsuccessful. We recommend that you ask the contractors you’re considering for the rules and regulations they have in place to ensure they’re committed to safety – your safety, their safety, and the safety of any subcontractor who enters the project site. You can take a look at several safety-related markets such as 300a logs and EMR. If a company has an EMR of less than 1.0, that means they’re less likely to have an accident. If they have an EMR closer to or higher than 1.0, they’re more likely to have accidents.

While accidents can take place regardless of a company’s commitment to safety, you need to ensure that this isn’t happening again and again.

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