Those working in construction or working in civil engineering roles are probably going to be worried about the Covid-19 crisis. After all, a large percentage of those who work in this industry are contractors or there are risks that they might not be paid anything by Statuary Sick Pay.

If you are working in the construction industry, here are some tips to avoid a Covid-19 infection:




1. Avoid those who have recently travelled

The first piece of advice is to not visit anyone who has recently travelled from an affected area in the past 14 days. While there aren’t many areas where this isn’t the case, there are specific places that you need to avoid like Italy, France, Spain, China, South Korea, Iran, etc..

These places have had more infections. Avoiding those who’ve travelled to these locations within the past 14 days ensures they haven’t caught it and passed it onto you.

2. Wash your hands

One of the biggest public pushes is for you to continuously wash your hands. This can be hard while you’re working. However, the virus might get on your hands and if you put these near your nose or mouth without washing them, then you could catch the infection.

You should wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm, soapy water. This should be done before and after eating or touching food, as well as after going to the toilet, touching animals or blowing your nose/treating a wound.

3. Avoid social gatherings

Most of us like to socialise with our friends, but with the numbers of those with Covid-19 continuing to rise, the advice is to currently avoid all social/leisure venues. This has been made easier with cinemas closing recently as well as other venues.

4. Don’t work too long

Getting in some overtime might sound like a great idea, but this can tire you out. When you’re tired you’re more susceptible to catching an illness and with the Covid-19 being an unknown virus, your immune system could struggle if it comes into contact with it if you’re tired.

Work your normal hours and rest when you can. You should also eat a healthy diet. A good diet can help with your immune system.

5. Send those home who are unwell

Anyone on your worksite who shows symptoms should be sent home and isolated. Their length of isolation should be seven days if they live on their own or 14 days if they or a member of their household have symptoms. They should not return to work within their quarantine period. This, of course, is subject to change.

Keep yourself safe – The Covid-19 virus is a global threat. But there is hope, you just need to protect yourself now with the simple tips above. If you do show symptoms, don’t hesitate and follow the latest government advice –


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