Civil engineering companies undertake large-scale projects such as laying pipelines, building bridges and constructing roads. Their work is essential for the functioning of the economy. Without them, the modern world as we know it wouldn’t exist.

However, as somebody looking to hire a construction firm, you don’t always know how to identify a great contractor. That’s why we’re taking the time to explain how you can. The following are some of the hallmarks of an industry-leading civil engineering company.

They have a vision for their firm

Top civil engineering companies want to leave their mark on the world. That’s why many of the leading lights in the sector publicise completed projects and take immense pride in their portfolio. For them, it’s not just about getting paid: it’s also about making a difference in people’s lives.

They develop their leaders in the field

Quality civil engineering isn’t entirely process-driven. Instead, there’s an element of artistry to it as well. Leaders in the field must be able to make wise decisions about the direction of projects in real-time, instead of just following Gantt charts and directives from on high.

Top companies know this, so they invest enormously in managers and directors. They understand that having wise people in the field is the best way to deliver the high-quality work that their clients expect.

They reduce dependency on individual people

Some businesses get key person insurance to protect themselves if a critical person leaves or gets sick. However, top contractors know that this approach to civil engineering is precarious. Leaders, employees and specialists within the firm could leave at any time, putting projects at risk.

For this reason, the best companies in the sector always look to build “bench strength.” The idea is to develop multiple people who can fulfil the same roles. If the primary person leaves (or is absent for some reason), another person can take over.

For clients and customers, this policy is reassuring. It means that derailment of your project is unlikely to result from personnel issues.

They develop a healthy work culture

While civil engineering is a serious business, the top firms all develop healthy work cultures. This means that everyone on the team understands the importance of doing the job well but, at the same time, fun is allowed.

They offer guarantees

Lastly, the best firms are confident about their work. They don’t just say that they’re the best: they know it to be true.

That’s why you’ll find established companies offering guarantees. If there’s a problem with their work, you can ask them to come back again and finish the job.

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