When you look at the number of construction projects that are in the pipeline and the demands placed on civil engineering contractors to meet tight deadlines and budgets, it is abundantly clear that huge changes in our infrastructure are taking place.

This has highlighted that at the heart of any civil engineering project is the need to find the best way to deliver the right level of cost reduction and efficiency across a range of diverse infrastructure projects.



Facing Regular Challenges

Every project is always likely to create a unique set of challenges in view of the fact that so many construction designs are a one-off and there is no previous template to follow.

Trying to embrace new technologies, keeping costs within acceptable parameters, and using the latest construction methods to improve efficiency are all familiar challenges that any civil engineer has to navigate as part of the job description.

Good Collaboration is Key

The most obvious way of improving project performance and cost-effectiveness is to encourage a greater level of input and collaboration between all of the parties involved in the project, especially the client.

It can only be viewed as a positive step when a client is encouraged to be fully engaged in every aspect of the project, from the development of the design to liaising on requirements throughout the construction process.

Excellent client collaboration regarding setting acceptable performance targets, carbon targets, and other key aspects of a construction project is a positive way to ensure that costs are kept under control at all times.

A Way to Keep Indirect Costs Under Control

It can sometimes put pressure on project costs when governance structures are too multi-layered and complicated. Obviously, certain layers are always going to be necessary to maintain and enhance construction performance levels, but when you start adding up the cost of different auditors for the separate aspects of a project, it can lead to indirect costs surpassing direct costs.

The obvious answer to keeping these costs under greater control is to encourage the highest level of client input and collaboration.

Suggesting that every client is encouraged to be fully invested and kept up to speed at every key stage of a construction project is hardly a new concept, but the benefits of that truly collaborative approach are there for all to see.

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