Leadership Team

Managing Director

Brian Lydon

Brian Lydon, the founder and Managing Director of Lydon Contracting Limited, has been a driving force behind the company's success for the past twenty-five years. With unwavering dedication, Brian has tirelessly worked to elevate the standards of excellence that the business proudly upholds today. He remains committed to staying updated with all working guidelines, ensuring that safety and excellence always remain at the forefront of the company's operations. Beyond his professional achievements, Brian is also an accomplished athlete who consistently pushes himself to achieve new records and goals. His leadership skills are truly remarkable, inspiring the entire team to strive for greatness and contributing significantly to the company's growth and reputation.

Director of Construction & Utilities

Dave Riley

Dave brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the company, having dedicated many years of his career to our organization. With a specialisation in Major Projects, Dave plays a pivotal role in overseeing the successful execution of these endeavours. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that all projects maintain the highest standards at every stage. Additionally, Dave collaborates closely with Steve Reid, our H.S.E.Q Manager, to uphold and enhance safety standards across all operations. With their combined efforts, they ensure that the well-being of our team members and adherence to safety protocols remain paramount.

Commercial Director

Daniel Field

Daniel plays a critical role in safeguarding the company’s commercial interests alongside Brian and Dave. With a keen eye for detail, Daniel works closely with them to ensure the business remains protected on all fronts. Daniel trained as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and spent six years working as a Financial Auditor for one of the big four accountancy firms. He then moved into industry and has worked across various sectors including the railway industry, commercial property, and construction. Daniel's commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate the complexities of commercial operations make him an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring the continued success and growth of the business.

Executive Assistant / Company Secretary

Joy Taylor

Joy has been an integral part of the company for the past fifteen years, working closely with Brian Lydon, the Managing Director. Her extensive experience and dedication have made her a trusted and valued member of the team. Joy's role has encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including bookkeeping and accounts management, recruitment, finance management, and contributing to crucial business decisions. Joy's contributions have been invaluable in driving the company's success and growth over the years.


Management Team

Senior Project Manager

Stuart Jarvie

Stuart joined Lydon Contracting in October 2015 bringing years of the utilities sector experience and management skills to the team. Stuart is certified with both SMSTS and IOSH qualifications giving him an understanding of the factors involved in what is needed to run a successful project both operationally and in terms of health and safety.

Major Project Manager

Rob Holt

Rob manages the delivery of our major utilities’ projects. Rob has previous experience working for national utilities companies and brings a professional and risk-based approach to the delivery of our larger, more complex projects. Rob holds the relevant training and SMSTS qualifications that ensures all works are delivered in conjunction with current health and safety guidelines.

Major Project Manager

Keith Roberts

Keith manages the delivery of our major utilities’ projects. Keith has a wealth of experience working across a range of different sectors and industries. Keith holds the relevant training and SMSTS qualifications that ensures all works are delivered in conjunction with current health and safety guidelines.

Major Project Manager

Liam Dempsey

Liam joined this business in March 2024 with extensive civils experience in the renewable energy sector (Wind and solar). His most recent works took him to Scotland where he was overseeing the installation of a large solar farm and HV corridor installation through the Scottish countryside.

Project Manager

Trevor Jones

Trevor joined Lydon Contracting in April 2017 bringing years of experience in the utilities sector and management skills to the team, certified with both SMSTS and IOSH qualifications. Trevor is a dedicated to delivering results for our clients across the 3 key aspects of Time, Quality and Cost, all attributes required to deliver successful projects.

Project Manager

Toby Starkie

Toby joined the team in May 2021 from another utilities contractor with a wealth of experience in HV substation works and utility installations. Toby has extensive experience in construction and project management, he also holds the relevant training and SMSTS qualifications that ensures all works are delivered in conjunction with current health and safety guidelines.

Project Manager

Steve Hartley

Steve jointed us in 2021 from a tier one Construction contractor specialising in electrical installations (HV & LV). Steve has brought a wealth of experience in project and programme management with the successful delivery of one the largest and most complex fibre ducting network installation on a military base.


Transport & Plant Management

Transport Manager

Ciaran Molloy

Ciaran has a critical role in managing the service, repairs and maintenance of all our owned vehicles.  He also manages the daily route planning for our HGV fleet ensuring our clients always receive a reliable service.

Plant Manager

John Allen

John joined the business in 2023 with a wealth of experience of both the operation and management of large and small plant. John’s role also includes the oversight and management of our busy yard in Northamptonshire.

Plant Administrator

Dan Cordner

Dan works alongside Ciaran and John in ensuring our Transport and Plant is operating efficiently. Dan ensures routine (and non-routine!) maintenance is completed as well as controlling hired-in plant alongside John.


SHEQ + Engineering

HSEQ Manager

Steve Reid

Having studied Business & Law, Steve spent the next twenty years within the discipline of operational excellence and business improvement. His roles included H.S.E.Q, Operations Management, Continuous Improvement & Auditing to ISO standards. Steve joined Lydon Contracting in 2020 and is responsible for all our Health and Safety related activities, Accreditations, ISO 9001 and competency management for the business. Steve is also a Mental Health First Aider. With a passion for working in the dynamism of SME’s, he has spent the last eight years as both a Non-Executive Director and Manager solely in H.S.E.Q & Business Improvement for S.M.E’s.

HSEQ Advisor

Malik Sheik

Malik joined the business with several years of experience working as a health and safety advisor, before that he has worked in the asphalt reinstatement sector. Alongside his NEBOSH qualification, Malik is also a Mental Health First Aider.

Senior Engineer

Swarnjit Chumber

Swarnjit is a very valuable member of the team as our senior engineer. There are very few aspects of construction that Swarnjit has not had experience of working on. As our lead engineer, Swarnjit ensures all works are set out and constructed to the design drawings.

Project Engineer

Gaurav Sharda

Gaurav joined the business in 2022 as a junior engineer. He has gained valuable experience from working across all our project portfolio over the past 2 years where he is now overseeing the engineering for a number of our substation builds and major utility as-laid drawings


Office/Support Team

Office Manager

Michelle Allen

As Office Manager Michelle is responsible for the efficient running of our head office liaising with our IT, telecoms and corporate suppliers. Along with this, she ensures all our customer accounts are kept current resolving any queries promptly, suppliers are paid on time, resolving any queries promptly to maintain our supplier relationships.

Procurement Co-ordinator

Emma Cannon

Emma works alongside our Project Managers and site Managers to ensure we are purchasing our materials from the best sources, both from a cost and quality perspective. Emma is also a key supplier account co-ordinator ensuring Lydon Contracting (and our clients) are receiving the best service and value for money.

Assistant QS

Velapi Mantiziba

Velapi joined the business in 2023 as an assistant QS where he provides support to our project managers to ensure all commercial aspects on their project is correct. Velapi has a master’s degree in quantity surveying (Msc) so brings a wealth of knowledge in the latest commercial contracts.

Finance Technician

Jodi Allinson

Jodi Allinson has been an indispensable member of the company for over ten years, providing unwavering support to Joy Taylor in her role as company secretary. Working closely together, Jodi has played a vital role in managing all aspects of the company's processes. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to handle complex financial tasks make her an integral part of the team and contribute greatly to the overall success of the company.

Accounts Administrator

Nikki Clarke

Nikki is not only our accounts administration, but she is also the first person you speak to when you call our head office.

Project Delivery Assistant

Elvira Hariton

Elvira joined the business in 2024 and works alongside the Project Managers and Site Supervisors to ensure all our jobs are appropriately planned. Elvira assists with notice applications, traffic management plans, accommodation booking, training requirements and general support in the delivery of our works.